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Perfector No1 by P. Genevee

The Perfector French enameled wood burner / Multi fuel stove by P.Genevée, produced around 1930, this is a very sought after wood burning stove especially in this colour and condition, not only for its superb build quality and enamel finishing but also as a rare period front loading stove.

  • Year: 1930s
  • Fuel: Wood or coal
  • Loading: Front and Top
  • Ash removal: Side tray
  • Accepts 30cm Logs

We rarely find stoves in this condition, a truly exceptional piece


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Perfector No1

Chappee 8005

Chappee 8005 in stunning blue

The Chappee 8005 French enamelled wood / multi fuel stove, produced around 1938, this is a very rare wood burning stove we have never seen one before and cannot find any referenced on the internet except for in the original sales brochure.

  • Year: 1938
  • Fuel: Wood burner or Coal
  • Loading: Front
  • Ash removal: From Front
  • Accepts 33cm Logs

Very rare and a truly exceptional piece.


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Godin port-hole design

This French Godin "porthole" enamelled wood burning stove from the 30's is a rare example of superb Art Deco design. This is a hard to find, side loading stove in a deep liquid brown.

  • Year: 1930s
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Loading: Side
  • Ash removal: From Side
  • Accepts 35cm Logs

A rare and stunning Art Deco piece.


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Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicolas Tango No2

French Saint Nicolas "Tango" No 2, mixed fuel stove from about 1939. A good example of Art Deco design. This is a hard to find, side loading stove in a grey/brown sepia colour.

  • Year: 1939
  • Fuel: Mixed Wood/Coal
  • Loading: Side
  • Weight: 60kgs
  • Flue Outlet: 9cm
  • Accepts 30cm Logs

A stylish Art Deco stove, multi-fuel burner so can be used in smokeless zones.


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More French Wood burners coming soon